December 18, 2019

"'My girls have danced at l'esthetique for several years now and we love it! Kathryn is a wonderful instructor, very aware of each individual student and works so well with them. She does a great job of making my girls feel safe and comfortable, even when they're nervous. We highly recommend her studio."

                                      Jill C.

July 13, 2019

"'Miss Kathryn is the best teacher! She is so cute and patient with the girls. My daughter loved it and asked to go everyday, even on the days that there wasn't class! Would highly recommend to anyone."

                                      Sarah C.

December 18, 2019

"'My family moved to UT a couple of years ago and my daughter had been dancing for more than 10 years back home. When we came to UT we visited a number of local studios searching for one where my daughter could call home. Ms. Kathryn was the only teacher we met that had an impressive knowledge of ballet and other forms of dance.


Her studio impressed us with how detailed they are on the individual. It was refreshing to find a studio that listened and worked with my daughter on such an individual level. Everyone there has been wonderful, especially Kathryn. We are so grateful for l'esthetique."

                                      Jennifer L.

August 2, 2018

"'Dancing with the feet is one thing. Dancing with the heart is another'. Kathryn is an amazing teacher and person. She is teaching my daughters so much more than dance steps. They have danced for years, but have never felt the passion for it that they feel at this studio. It is an extremely nurturing environment. We couldn't be more pleased."

                                      Trina C.

Certifications & Licenses:
Acrobatic Arts Certified
Scottish Highland Dance (B.A.T.D., F.U.S.T.A.--ScotDanceUSA)

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