Jill Collier Photography

Jill Collier Photography

Kathryn Mecham

Artistic Director & Instructor

Dance (especially Ballet) felt out of reach until a very special mentor encouraged me reach for what I thought to be impossible. This moment changed everything! I was able to complete my BA in Dance Performance (Ballet Emphasis), compete in Yoga, compete in Scottish Highland Dance at a professional level, dance multiple genres professionally, Certify with Acrobatic Arts, and certify in competitive Scottish Highland Dance with the B.A.T.D. (British Association of Teachers of Dancing). There were beautiful people who inspired and encouraged me throughout my journey as a dancer, and I learned from those examples, and forever strive to be that motivator to my students.

My teaching style has often been described as "dance with a yoga mindset". Each lesson is catered to the students in attendance that day, and their personal needs. Each student is interviewed and participates in a level placement consultation. Dance can be kathartic and healing in addition to everything else, but only if we are in an environment that allows for that.

I opened l'esthétique for the students, to give dancers an opportunity to develop as individuals, technicians and artists. It is my hope to approach ballet and dance in a more wholistic and artistic way, guided by love and focusing on the individual.

Megan Billings


I first found my love for dance when I was two years old. One of my proudest moments was when I was little and taught my dad how to plie (and he is still plie-ing to this day). Dance is an intricate and nuanced language for the soul that allows me to express myself in a way that can be understood by everyone. Dancing with l'esthétique has been a life-changing experience that has provided the opportunity for me to find myself as a dancer and choreographer.

I was trained by Jennie Creer-King, Academy Pricipal at Ballet West Academy and was a dancer and choreographer for the Springville High School Dance Company.


Hiking and nature bring me joy and peace, and often inspire my choreography. I'm excited to be working with l'esthétique in sharing our mutual love for dance.

Lauren Colemere


Lauren has been dancing most of her life, and is currently studying Dance Education with Utah Valley University.


Her emphasis as our instructor is Jazz and Hip Hop but she also has experience in many other genres, and will be assisting periodically with classes.

Certifications & Licenses:
Acrobatic Arts Certified
Scottish Highland Dance (B.A.T.D., F.U.S.T.A.--ScotDanceUSA)

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